The Sponti restaurant was created for people who want each of their meals to be not just a simple routine, but an unforgettable taste experience. The experience we gathered through the past 9 years, combined with the owner’s practice in the food service industry, have earned our products and services the acclaim of our customers, who highly value their quality. This is why gourmet cuisine is our passion. We want every meal at Sponti to be an excitement to the senses, which brings limitless possibilities of discovering new tastes, and enjoying them together with your friends and family. We serve simple, yet exquisite and artfully prepared dishes. We always put our hearts into all that we do. Our menu is composed mostly of Polish and European cuisine, but you can also find dishes that are the product of our chef’s artistic invention. We especially recommend our excellent ham hock in beer, tender salmon in creamy dill sauce, an array of delicious salads, and mouth-watering desserts: freshly baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream, 3-Bit pie, and ice cream desserts with whipped cream, fruit, and chocolate syrup. SPONTI won’t disappoint children and teenagers as well, for whom we have delicious pizzas straight out of the oven. Our restaurant is also the prefect place for a business meeting, a meal with friends, a romantic date, or a family dinner. Through the relaxed character of our restaurant, we want to create the right atmosphere for festivities.